Welcome to JeWeL Publishing. We laid out our first book when “cut” and “paste” meant using a scissors and Elmer’s glue; the process took almost a year. Fast forward to scanners, digital cameras, and computer programs. We have the means to share creativity and allow memories to jump to life, to be held in your hands and shared within weeks, sometimes days.

JeWeL projects are intended to teach and/or inspire. Whether it’s presenting the “basics” in a creative, fun way, as with the Light Pole Books, or offering books for beginning readers, or writing stories that encourage, we want our offerings to enrich life and be cherished. We appreciate humor, too.

JeWeL Publishing LLC can help with your projects and the many phases of production: writing, editing, layout, e-books, and printing of physical books.

Sandy Lardinois, Top Gem
JeWeL Publishing LLC

Visit our "Products" page to view the titles we publish. Amongst them are learning aids for English, Science, Math, Reading, History/Geography and Bible Study.